Our Strategy and Vision

Forward-looking strategy

At Windmill Metal Company, we combine our extensive industry knowledge and understanding of market trends with a forward-looking strategy. We work closely with our pre-suppliers and buyers based on mutual respect and trust. By jointly identifying the most favorable outlets and providing our end users with customized services of the desired quality, we build lasting relationships and a strong position in the metal recycling industry.

Accessible and professional business

Our vision at Windmill Metal Company is to conduct business in a professional and accessible manner. We achieve this through short lines of communication, clear communication and fixed points of contact for our partners. We strive to always be transparent and responsive, making us a reliable and approachable partner in the industry.

Innovation and technology

At Windmill Metal Company, we believe in embracing the latest techniques and technologies to optimize our operations. For example, we use customized automation programs for smooth administration, resulting in increased throughput, fast billing and efficient processing of data. These innovations enable us to serve our customers even better and strengthen our position as a market leader.

Sustainability and quality

Sustainability and quality are core values at Windmill Metal Company. We invest in the latest technologies and high-quality materials to ensure that our recycled nonferrous metals meet the highest quality and sustainability standards. Our commitment to innovation and quality allows us to make a difference for our customers and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Global partnerships

Our global network of partners in finance and trade allows us to leverage unique opportunities and possibilities for both our suppliers and buyers. Our sales areas mainly include Europe and the Far East, allowing us to serve a wide range of customers and share our expertise with international partners.

Become a Partner in Sustainable Metal Recycling

Join Windmill Metal Company and discover how our expertise, innovative technologies and sustainable approach can help your business efficiently recycle non-ferrous metals. Let’s work together for a greener future.

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