Innovation and Environmental Friendliness Combined

Sustainable Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling

Windmill Metal Company

Windmill Metal Company is a modern specialist in non-ferrous metal processing into high-quality industrial raw materials.


We focus on the business-to-business market. Service and quality are of paramount importance to us.

Mission and vision

Windmill Metal Company aims to conduct business in a professional manner in an accessible manner.

Why Windmill Metal Company

Your reliable partner in non-ferrous metal processing

With our years of experience and expert team, we offer
we tailor innovative solutions. Together with
us to sustainability, efficiency and quality

Our services

We can help you with a
wide range of services

Durable processing

Our expert processing of non-ferrous metals promotes long-term reuse and sustainable production processes with minimal energy consumption.


Our specialized machines reduce and process materials efficiently. Windmill Metal Company is committed to innovation and leading the recycling industry with custom solutions.

Non-ferrous metals

Windmill Metal Company supplies a wide range of high-quality recycled non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper, lead, stainless steel zinc alloys.

About us

Driven by long-term relationships backed by knowledge

Windmill Metal Company is a solid company that is forward-looking. We have extensive industry knowledge and closely follow developments in the metal recycling market. We gladly share our know-how with our pre-suppliers and customers. Always on the basis of mutual respect and trust.

Take the first step to a successful samenwerking

Find out how Windmill Metal Company can help your manufacturing processes
improve and cut costs. Take your business to the next level
with our innovative and sustainable non-ferrous metal processing.

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